How To Find the Right Wedding Photographer for You

One thing we have to accept as wedding photographers is that our work is not for everyone. Only some people are going to look at our work and say, “That! That’s what I want.” And that’s okay. People are looking, consciously and unconsciously, to meet a myriad of wants and needs when it comes to picking a wedding photographer. I’m hoping this post can help you bring some of your unconscious preferences to your conscious mind so that you can better pick the right photographer for you.

You may think this is a risky thing for me to do, after all, it could potentially lose me some work. But I honestly think that if I can help steer someone in the right direction and feel good about their choice, it’s better for everyone. And hopefully karma works the way I think it does.

If you are like most people, you know you like a photograph when you see it, but you don’t know why. Photographers were not born photographers, we have all been right where you are. That is, before we became completely obsessed with creating pictures.

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To get a better idea of what you like, browse a few wedding blogs (Green Wedding Shoes, 101 Layer Cake, Style Me Pretty, RockN'Roll Bride) with a piece of paper in hand and when you see a shoot or wedding you like write down a couple things you notice about it. Is it glamorous or low-key, desaturated and vintage-y or bright and contrasty, is it posed or candid? You don't even need to make complete sentences for this to work. Just noticing the things you gravitate towards will really help you narrow things down simply because you will know what you are looking for. From there, you can look for photographers who do the kind of work you like within your budget.

AND, if you haven’t been scrapbooking wedding ideas for last 4 years and you’re not sure about what colors, decorations or flowers you want, this process can also help you figure out what you like in those arenas. Wedding blogs have tons of ideas and d.i.y. projects to help you personalize your wedding. Boom! That. just. happened.

Don’t think it’s more than you can handle. Don’t go with what someone else is telling you just to make them happy. This should feel right in your gut. If it doesn’t, sleep on it a couple days and come back to it. You have a lot more choices than you probably think so just look around until you see someone’s work and think, “Hey, I want to be in a picture like this one.”

If this post was helpful, let me know which part was the most crutch in the comments. I want this space to answer the questions you have so it can be beneficial to you and other brides, so if you still feel uncertain let me know where I can help clear things up. If a question is juicy enough I may write a whole post on it. Thanks for reading!

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