Alyssa's Bridal Shower

I'm so excited to share some favorites from Alyssa's bridal shower. I went to high school with Alyssa and I remember when she and her fiance, Defrance, started dating. Even back then it was a no-brainer that they would get married. I'm so happy for you guys! Alyssa's mom and cousin hosted her bridal shower at home, the same home where it seems not so long ago that Alyssa and I choreographed a dance for our senior year dance show in front of her mirrored closet doors. The same home where we got ready for prom together and all our parents followed us around with cameras oohing and awing over how nice we looked.

Defrance stopped by in the beginning of the shower, by choice I'm sure, so I grabbed a couple pictures of him before he made his escape.

Alyssa's mom, as if you couldn't tell.The main activity was something I have never seen before, an umbrella decorating competition! There was a table laid out with supplies and everyone grabbed up sequins, stickers, paint and other nick-nacks to spiff up their umbrellas. Someone even got real creative and decided to paint the inside of her umbrella as well. This is why kids are awesome.Then it was present time. I don't know if you can read the card, but it says, "Why men don't have showers." Alyssa_BridalShower-28Oh, it was also cake time. Nom nom :)Alyssa's mom made her a bouquet using all these awesome broaches from her mother and lace from her mother's wedding veil. Such a beautiful idea. I especially like the lady with the boa mohawk, which you can see a couple pictures down.And Thira made her first bridal shower bouquet!Thank you so much for having me! I wish you and Defrance the very best.