BBMK: My First Workshop

Hello Friends! Last weekend I got to go to a really fun and inspiring workshop in Indianapolis. Yep, I went all the way to Indiana!

BBMK workshop

The workshop is put on by bobbi + mike, whose work I found when I was just starting to get interested in wedding photography. A lot of wedding photography (and the wedding industry in general) puts a huge emphasis on the details-- the flowers, the dresses, the shoes, the centerpieces, some new and creative way to display place settings.

When I came across their work I thought, hell yeah, these guys are all about the people. You know, the ones who are getting married?! Remember them?

I know I'm starting to sound like a total smart ass, but I think a lot of times the details start to overshadow what's really important, and I really dig people who keep it real and care more about the people they work with than whether or not they will get on the most popular blogs.

--Steps off soap box.

bbmk workshop bobbi + mike photography

This workshop got me all fired up to provide the best experience possible for my clients, to keep things fun and focused on what really matters. To not worry about what everyone else is doing. To believing what I want to believe. To finding people who also believe in those things. To stop comparing myself to other people (especially photographers).  And to give this crazy business my all.

Thanks for stopping by :)