Best of 2013!

I would love to say something less trite than this last year really flew by, but that really is exactly how I feel. The first year of our business held a lot of firsts. First time going to a photography convention (WPPI), first time joining a photographer group (big ups to Better Together San Jose!), first time second shooting, first same-sex wedding. It was the first time I really put myself out there and it taught me the importance of moving forward without waiting for the perfect moment. There was another first that's really important to me: the first time I really, truly felt like a nailed it. From vibe-ing with the couple, to walking them through how we work as photographers, to understanding how to help them with their timeline for everyone's benefit, to feeling to like they were really excited about photography. I was so excited (and very nervous) to shoot their wedding.

But I prepared myself to do the the best I could I walked away feeling confident. Not cocky. Just feeling like I did what I set out to do. Did I do everything perfectly? Nope, I hope to never be so arrogant. Did my off-camera flash decide to zone out causing me to have a tiny heart attack? Fricking frick! Yes, but shit happens and I rolled with it. And on a wedding day, being able to roll with it is priceless.

Donnie & Greg