Cerruti Cellars Wedding: Christina & Michael

Christina & Michael_blog-36Today I'm excited to share Christina and Michael's Cerruti Cellars wedding! These two had a super fun, carnival-themed wedding in Oakland near Jack London Square. They had lots of fun details including tiny toys, whoopie cushions, clown noses and mustache glasses and they also included their two pups, who got to wear bow ties and everything!

Here are some of our favorites from their day!

Christina & Michael_blog-2__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-1__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-3__web.jpgOh yeah, and they also surprised their guests with a special appearance from ELVIS! Who also officiated their ceremony. Christina & Michael_blog-6__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-7__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-8__web.jpgElivis serenaded the guests as the ceremony kicked off. Christina & Michael_blog-10__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-11__web.jpg Cerruti Cellars wedding Cerruti Cellars wedding Christina & Michael_blog-16__web.jpg"Baby, you got me all shook up" Christina & Michael_blog-17__web.jpgChristina and Michael took great care to incorporate fun details like these amazing tinker toys and their carnival-themed food and desserts...Christina & Michael_details-2__webChristina & Michael_details-4__web

Including made-to-order cotton candy with edible glitter, a huge hit with the kids! Christina & Michael_blog-9__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-20__web.jpg Cerruti Cellars weddingThat one on the left though! :D :D Christina & Michael_blog-24__web.jpgKids are so honest ;) Christina & Michael_blog-26__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-27__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-29__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-31__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-32__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-33__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-34__web.jpgAs things wrapped up we headed out to take some portraits at dusk, we were lucky enough to get some great color in the sky. Also, I just love the vines on the building adjacent to the winery, the bottom left picture is taken in the parking lot. Boom! Cerruti Cellars weddingChristina & Michael_blog-38__web.jpg Christina & Michael_blog-39__web.jpgThank you Christina and Michael for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!

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