Day In The Life Family Photography: The Camps

TheCamps_Blog-1__web.jpgI'm excited to share this Day In The Life family photography session with you today! I arrived at the Camp's house just before breakfast, where Pierce was ready to show me his camera skills. Ha! TheCamps_Blog-4__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-6__web.jpgHis camera has a projector, so cool! TheCamps_Blog-3__web.jpgThey all love to read. TheCamps_Blog-7__web.jpgBreakfast was a team effort. Day In The Life family photography TheCamps_Blog-11__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-12__web.jpgBetter get suited up for breakfast. TheCamps_Blog-14__web.jpgDelilah is one happy baby. Day In The Life family photographyTime for the next superhero outfit change :) Day In The Life family photographyAshley chased Pierce down for sunscreen time... TheCamps_Blog-19__web.jpgwhich Delilah thought was hilarious. TheCamps_Blog-20__web.jpgSunscreen time! Ha! Love this one. Reminds me of going to the beach as a kid. Day In The Life family photography TheCamps_Blog-22__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-24__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-25__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-27__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-29__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-31__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-32__web.jpgShe loves just loves the cat. TheCamps_Blog-33__web.jpgOff to the library get some more books! TheCamps_Blog-34__web.jpgI'm sure you younger siblings can relate to Delilah trying to do what her brother was doing. TheCamps_Blog-37__web.jpg TheCamps_Blog-39__web.jpg Day In The Life family photography Day In The Life family photographyDelilah found her own way to enjoy the library. TheCamps_Blog-43__web.jpgAshley, Pat, Pierce and Delilah, thank you all for letting me tag along with you for the day! I had a great time!