De Rose Vinyards Wedding: Cat & Alex

De Rose Vinyards weddingHere are some of my favorite shots from Cat and Alex's De Rose Vinyards wedding in Hollister. You guys, this was such a fun one and I'm so happy that Juniper Spring Photography brought me along for the day to second shoot. The girls were getting ready in a super cute bed & breakfast and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, as you will see...De Rose Vinyards weddingDe Rose Vinyards weddingShe had lots of help and lots of fun getting her dress on.De Rose Vinyards weddingDe Rose Vinyards weddingI'm paraphrasing here, but I think she was saying "You need some air under there!"De Rose Vinyards weddingAre you gonna put that thingy on your head?De Rose Vinyards weddingDe Rose Vinyards weddingCat&Alex-9Cat&Alex-10Cat&Alex-11Cat&Alex-12Cat&Alex-13Cat&Alex-14Cat&Alex-15Cat&Alex-16Cat&Alex-17Cat&Alex-18Have I ever told you how much I love cafe lights?Cat&Alex-19Cat&Alex-20Cat&Alex-21Cat&Alex-22This girl had all kinds of moves! I was determined to get a fun shot of her in action.Cat&Alex-23Cat&Alex-24Thanks again to Juniper Spring for having me along to shoot this fun wedding with you. And thank you to Cat and Alex for allowing me to be a small part of their big day!

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