Defeat Wedding Planning Burnout!

Planning all the details of your wedding can be super frustrating. There are so, so, so many wedding blogs that can help you, but it's hard to know where to start. Here are a couple of my favorite wedding blogs that consistently offer up inspiration, doable d.i.y.'s and real weddings that actually look like real weddings (well, most of them).

5. Style Me Pretty

Keywords: girly, whimsical, classy

Style Me Pretty is great for the girly-girl who wants whimsical. Now, I'm not much for whimsical myself, but I do like some elements of whimsical--baby's breath, flower hairpieces, delicate fabrics-- and there is lots of great stuff on this blog that you can interpret in a more down-to-earth way. Like downsizing the flower head wreath to a more reasonably-sized hair piece. We're talking about inspiration here, so open your mind up to interpreting things you see to fit your style.

Expect to find runway inspiration, beautiful products and classy affairs.

4. 100 Layer Cake

Keywords: dreamy, pretty, on-trend

100 Layer Cake is the on-trend wedding blog for wedding photography, dresses, paper goods, centerpieces-- pretty much every detail you will consider for your wedding and and then some. If there is a hot trend that you are thinking of making your own, I'm betting you can find multiple variations of said trend in both styled shoots and real weddings. I especially love the paper goods they feature here including printed, letter-pressed, hand painted goods and some that combine techniques for some really impressive products.

This one is girly, so expect to see lots of flowers, pink and trendy details.

3. Junebug Weddings' What Junebug Loves

Keywords: subtle, simple, romantic

Junebug has a simple yet romantic style that emphasizes handmade items and a subtle quirkiness. That perfectly un-perfect look that some people achieve with their hair, but in decoration and design format. These weddings look simple, but when you take a closer look at the details you know that everything was well thought out. The thought-out simplicity of these weddings is more old-fashioned romantic than new-fashioned whimsical romantic. Does that make sense?

Expect to find romantic weddings, modern city weddings and really cool details.

2. Green Wedding Shoes

Keywords: creative, Californian, handmade

Green Wedding Shoes is actually the first wedding blog I ever saw, back when I was fresh out of the journalism department at SF State and shooting weddings hadn't even occurred to me. The pictures on this blog were the first creative and modern wedding pictures I had ever seen and I thought, I can do that. Then, the more I followed the blog I thought, I would love to do that. This blog really speaks to the California girl with its emphasis on the laid-back, creative and handmade. Yes, some of it is over-the-top whimsical, but as I said before it's all about taking inspiration and interpreting it for yourself. You may want to set a timer because there are lots of additional sections besides the blogs itself and it's easy to get caught up.

Expect to find mix-matched bridesmaids dresses (!), bold design details, and lots of d.i.y.'s from real weddings.

1. Ruffled

Keywords: elegant, artistic, eclectic

If you like to go a little punchier with your colors I think you will like this one. It's chock-full of bright flowers, quirky details and hand crafted paper goods as well as features on how couples designed their ideal weddings on budget. This is a great place to wander around if you dig the bright, the bold and the well designed. Like say, a gander of bridesmaids in glitter dresses posing for bridal party portraits in a modern art gallery. How come I didn't think of that first?!

Expect to find wild inspiration shoots, unique locations and cool d.i.y.'s that your grandmother will think are weird but 'so you.'

Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled are both great, but I had to give Ruffled the number one spot for its upper hand on quirkiness. I just love it when people are fearless with color and random details. This is coming from someone who has a golden chihuahua that sits proudly on her dresser--with a flower on his ear. Yeah, I like the kind of details that just make you smile. Or think, what the hell? Either is a win in my book.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it might help you out of a planning-overwhelm rut. If you did and know someone else who would, I would absolutely love it if you would pass it along. I truly appreciate any and all referrals sent our way! Have a great week!