On Detail Shots

Last week I talked about candids, so I thought this week I would talk a bit about detail shots. What are details shots? They are simply pictures that show the environment and other things that are involved in a wedding like the dress, shoes, flowers, centerpieces, food, rings, etc.

Detail shots are a great way to show the environment and all the components that the couple (read: bride) specifically choose to incorporate, getting these shots really rounds out the documentation of the day.


On the other hand, these shots are lacking what we think is the most important part of the day: the people!

Now, I love a beautiful dress and I love an awesome pair of shoes--let me stress, I LOVE SHOES. But, you know what I like even more than drooling over a sweet pair of retro pumps? An honest reaction--especially of the laughing variety.

I love a good laugh, it trumps everything else. Period.

So, why no detail shots in our galleries? Well, we think people pictures are much more impactful and meaningful and we want to work with people who feel the same way.

Don’t get me wrong, we make sure to get detail shots. But, our priority is taking the time to observe you and your interactions, which is exactly what we need to do to be ready with an anxious finger on the shutter button nab those real, unstaged moments that are just too good to miss.