Documentary Family Photography: A Day In Monterey Today I'm excited to share this documentary family photography session in Monterey! Brittney wanted some pictures to celebrate her pregnancy and I thought it would be great to take soon-to-be big brother Clint on a fun adventure day. We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and grabbed food and frozen yogurt on the main drag. Watch the slideshow up top to see their day or scroll through the post to see my favorites. Day In Monterey-1__web.jpgThat face though! :D Day In Monterey-2__web.jpg Day In Monterey-5__web.jpgThis one is my favorite! According to Brittney, Clint was kind of obsessed with her belly during her pregnancy. So glad I caught this moment :) documentary family photographydocumentary family photography Day In Monterey-8__web.jpg Day In Monterey-9__web.jpg Day In Monterey-10__web.jpg documentary family photographyWhat? How do you eat pasta?? Day In Monterey-12 Day In Monterey-13__web.jpg Day In Monterey-14__web.jpg Day In Monterey-15__web.jpg documentary family photography Day In Monterey-18__web.jpgAnd then it was time for some pinkberry. Day In Monterey-19__web.jpg documentary family photographyThank you to Clint, Brittney and Beau for such a fun day! AND a big congratulations on the arrival of a healthy baby girl! :D :D :D


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