Documentary Wedding Photographers: Wedding Party Pictures


As a documentary wedding photographer, my main goal is to capture your day as it happens. However, there are three occasions during the wedding day where I'll take the reins: wedding party pictures, family formals and couple portraits.

What’s the deal?

For wedding party pictures, we'll wrangle up all the bridesmaids and groomsmen for some portraits to document just how good-looking everyone is. We start with a few straightforward shots and then mix it up and have some fun with it. I want to show off your personalities!

When do we do these?

If you do a first look we can take care of this before the ceremony when everyone’s hair and makeup is fresh.

If you’re not doing a first look, don’t worry about it! We can take care of these following your ceremony after your family formals. I recommend doing your family formals first after the ceremony because:

  1. there are more people involved

  2. the longer you wait the more people you will lose to cocktail hour, and

  3. your bridal party is usually at your beck and call all day, give them a little break

More on family formals in another post!

How much time do we need?

We've done them in as little as ten minutes and as many as twenty-five, it totally depends on how many people you have. On average, setting aside 15 minutes is a safe bet.

That's it! Not too much to it. The main thing is if you want these pictures to make sure you set aside time for them. We always help our couples figure out where in their timeline these would fit nicely, so if you aren't sure-- just ask!