Dogpatch WineWorks Wedding: Elisse & Adam

Dogpatch WineWorks weddingI'm excited to share Elisse & Adam's Dogpatch WineWorks wedding today! They had a beautiful wedding with lots of laughs and a super fun dance floor. These folks really know how to have a good time! Plus, we photographed Adam's cousin's wedding two years ago so we got to see lots of familiar faces.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we? Elisse getting ready with the girls...

Elisse&Adam-1__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-2__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-3__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-4__web.jpgMeanwhile... Elisse&Adam-7__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-8__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-10__web.jpgThey had the sweetest first look.

Elisse&Adam-11__web Elisse&Adam-14__web.jpgI LOVE this one. Elisse&Adam-17__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-18__web.jpgTime to get married! Elisse&Adam-21__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-23__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-24__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-26__web.jpg Dogpatch WineWorks wedding Elisse&Adam-28__web.jpgAnd their pup Halo was in attendance :) Dogpatch WineWorks wedding Elisse&Adam-31__web.jpg Dogpatch WineWorks wedding Elisse&Adam-34__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-35__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-37__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-39__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-41__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-42__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-45__web.jpgYou guys, so many moves on the dance floor! Elisse&Adam-46__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-49__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-47__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-56__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-60__web.jpg Elisse&Adam-67__web.jpgThank you so much to Elisse and Adam for having us along on your big day! We had an absolute blast with you and your family and friends. Dogpatch WineWorks wedding

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