Emeryville Wedding: Kathryn & Jeff

Kathryn & Jeff_blog-5__web.jpgI'm excited to share some of our favorites from Kathryn and Jeff's Emeryville wedding! What a great way to kick off the new year! We started with these two a bit before their ceremony for their first look at Washington Square Park. Kathryn & Jeff_blog-1__web.jpgIs this a great reaction or what?! Kathryn & Jeff_blog-3__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-6__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-7__web.jpgThen it was time for their ceremony at St. Peter and Paul Church. Kathryn & Jeff_blog-9__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-10__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-13__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-12__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-15__web.jpgSide smiles :D Kathryn & Jeff_blog-16__web.jpgSomeone was taking his job quite seriously. Kathryn & Jeff_blog-17__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-18__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-20__web.jpgMarried face! Kathryn & Jeff_blog-21__web.jpgThen everyone headed over to Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant for the reception. Party time! Kathryn & Jeff_blog-24__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-25__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-27__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-29__web.jpg Emeryville wedding photography Kathryn & Jeff_blog-32__web.jpgAfter the speeches they and two of their married couple friends played the newlywed game, such a fun idea for receptions as you'll see... Kathryn & Jeff_blog-34__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-35__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-37__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-38__web.jpg Emeryville wedding photography Kathryn & Jeff_blog-41__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-42__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-23__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-45__web.jpg Emeryville wedding photography Kathryn & Jeff_blog-49__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-50__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-51__web.jpg Kathryn & Jeff_blog-52__web.jpg Emeryville wedding photography Kathryn & Jeff_blog-53__web.jpg Emeryville wedding photographyThank you again to Kathryn and Jeff for choosing us to document your day!