Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

Engagement session outfit ideas

This is going to be a fun one! Today I'm sharing some shoots to give you engagement session outfit ideas. Choosing an outfit tends to trip people up. You look in your closet for an outfit and suddenly realize you have zero stylish clothes and wahhhhhh. Just me? 

One thing I realized rounding up these outfits and thinking about my own experience is that a lot of these outfits have staples and one or two special things mixed in. For my own engagement session, I ended up buying two tops because 1. I hate shopping for pants and 2. I already had plenty of shoes, scarves and jewelry to personalize any outfit.

Elevated Casual

Okay, see what I mean about staples? I loved Emily and Jake's outfits because they felt casual and comfortable but also stylish. Both of their outfits are dressed up by their shoes--they're such an easy way to make an outfit look more put together!


Eng What To Wear-5.jpg

I'm not afraid of pattern and you shouldn't be either! The easiest pattern is plaid because it is easy to read so your eyes don't get distracted trying to figure it out. My general rule of thumb is that if you stand next to each other in the mirror and nothing is screaming out you are probably fine. The exception is type--which is often just distracting and I caution against.

If your pattern is a little louder, try it in smaller doses, like a scarf. If there's a top or dress you love but the pattern feels like a lot try wearing a jacket or sweater, that will keep the pattern from dominating attention.

You Don't Have To Match

I repeat, YOU DON'T HAVE TO MATCH. So how do you "go" together without matching?

What's working here is that they're wearing jeans, which work like a neutral, and complementary colors. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and work nicely together. Here Sammy's yellow (warm) scarf is complementary to Adam's flannel, which is dominated by cool colors (blues). Additionally, Adam's shirt has some magenta/red in it, which ties in with the warm yellows and oranges in Sammy's scarf.

Keep It Simple

Jeans, sweaters and boots. Done! But really, simple is classic and you can't go wrong. Nothing here is competing for attention and the photo is all about them and the surroundings.

A Little Fancy

If you want to get dressed up, go for it! I loved Nine's dress and fun headband. She wore flats so she was still comfortable as we moved around for their engagement session. I cannot stress enough how great it is to be comfortable.

The more physically comfortable you are the easier it is to get mentally comfortable in front of the camera.

What's Your Thing?

Eng What To Wear-7.jpg

Christina obviously loved jewelry and pattern. At the top of the post you saw her in patterned shorts and here she's wearing a chunky, patterned sweater.

Do you see those bright blue socks? When I first had them sit down on the sand dune I thought crap, how can I crop those out of the picture? But then Christina mentioned that Troy loves fun socks and I realized that they were definitely part of the image. Whatever your thing is let's show it off!