Family Photo sesion Ideas

family photography ideas

One of the first things that makes a family session seem overwhelming is trying to think of where to go...and getting your whole family there. Firstly, don't have to go anywhere at all. Secondly, it's not complicated at all. Let me help you jog your mind and think about your favorite things to do together.

Stay at Home

You don't need to go anywhere to take great family photos! We can hang out in your home and do things you normally do like make breakfast, read or play in the back yard.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Let's go for a walk around your neighborhood. The area around your home is just as memorable as your home itself. Maybe you guys already have a certain loop you do when you need to get out of the house. Maybe you have a curious one like this guy below who hops off his tricycle and investigates every so often.

Your Favorite Park or Beach

Speaking of your neighborhood, maybe you have a favorite park nearby. Or maybe you're a short drive from the beach. Let's pack up the and head out!