Favorite Things: Canvas Prints

Canvas-1Happy Monday folks! I know some of you may have seen these these canvases when they came in and I posted them on instagram, but I thought I would share them here on the blog now that I finally hung them up all respective-like. These are two of my favorite engagement shots and I love seeing them on canvas. The first one is 20 x 30 and the second one is 16 x 24. These sizes may sound large to most folks who think 8 x 10 is big, but trust me, 8 x 10 is small once you put it up on the wall.

Canvas-2With prints this size, you want to make sure that you pick a nice wide shot. I try to make sure the people are no bigger than 1/3 of the overall picture so there's not too much face. I mean, you have a nice face, but you want to be able to live with this thing.

They look great on the wall and they come ready to hang. All you have to do is pick the right picture and the perfect place.

Canvas-3Canvas-4For those folks who are like me (nosy), I decided to take some extra pictures while I was photographing the canvases so I can share my little work space. It's really just a corner of my living room that I prettied up and organized so I can get stuff done, but I always like to see where other people work so I thought some of you may enjoy that. I'll share those with you next week!