Golden Gate Park Reception: Kathy & David

Golden Gate Park Reception Today we're sharing Kathy and David's Golden Gate Park reception. Kathy and David's bands both took the stage for their music-festival style celebration, and they even did a couple songs with David's twin boys Owen and Ben.

The day included a bounce house, a taco truck, an ice cream truck, henna and lots of kids in trees on a sunny day in Golden Gate Park. Yeah, you read right, it was even sunny! Here are some of our favorites.

Kathy&David_Reception-1__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-2__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-9__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-3__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-4__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-6__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-10__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-11__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-12__web.jpgTime for Saucy! Kathy&David_Reception-13__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-14__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-15__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-16__web.jpgKathy and David performed Angels by The XX as a duo. It was beautiful! Kathy&David_Reception-18__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-20__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-22__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-24__web.jpgThen David's band took the stage. Kathy&David_Reception-25__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-26__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-27__web.jpgAnd Kathy was there to cheer him on! Kathy&David_Reception-28__web.jpgIn lieu of a regular bouquet of flowers, Kathy d.i.y.'d felt flowers, attached sweet quotes and fortunes to each one and threw them all separately. Such a great idea! Spread the love! Kathy&David_Reception-29__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-31__web.jpg Kathy&David_Reception-32__web.jpg

Kathy&David_Reception-34__web.jpgThank you so much to Kathy and David for allowing us to be a part of their special day and music festival! We had a blast! And the ice cream was delicious!

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