How to: Chose an Engagment Shoot Location

HowTo_Location-3You’ve seen locations that you like, but you don’t necessarily want to copy someone else’s idea. You know you want this, or that. You know what you don’t want, but you don’t know what you do want. Or, you really haven’t given it much thought. Whatever phase you are in on choosing the location for your engagement session, I hope asking yourself these few questions may help head you in the right direction.

Do you have a special place?


Perhaps where you met or where you got engaged? Somewhere you frequent or somewhere you go for special occasions? Would this be a good location for the shoot or is it too cheesy?

If, say, you have a favorite winery that is also gorgeous (like Stefanie and John, above), you might be on to something great. However, if you met in classroom like we did, posing in an empty classroom that you may or may not have snuck into might be too cheesy to pull off and not worth your trespassing efforts. Use your best judgement.

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

HowTo_Location-2 Again, this can get cheesy real quick, so buyer beware. Outdoorsy couples might really like taking hikes with lunch tucked away in their backpacks for the halfway point. A hike and a picnic, that would make a unique session. Maybe you trendy couples like to hit up food trucks or art shows together, that could work, too. And this doesn’t have to be something big or occasional, either.

It could be as simple as taking in a view of the ocean or even something you do often, like taking your dog for a nice, long walk so it doesn’t completely bulldoze your place when you leave the house for a whole two hours(!). Just try to think about the things you do together and whether they would make a nice keepsake for you. The more the activity explains itself visually, the better; you already know how I feel about props.

Do you live together? If you live together, you might be overlooking a perfectly good location--your place! I know, it’s not as clean as you want it to be. Mine either. And I’m not saying the whole shoot would take place there, but the everyday is often overlooked and one day in the future you might enjoy looking back at yourself in your old apartment and thinking to yourself, “How the hell did we live in that tiny apartment!?” Or remembering how you used to linger over coffee on the weekends at that hand-me-down dining table, or walk down the street to that park every once in a great while. Just consider it, will you?

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back for inspiration if you still haven’t had your light bulb moment.