Los Altos History Museum Wedding: Jenny & Sean

Los Altos Histroy Museum weddingToday I'm excited to share Jenny and Sean's Los Altos History Museum wedding. Jenny and Sean are two of the smiling-est people you will ever meet and if you've spent any time here you know how much I love to photograph laughter and big ole grins. I was lucky enough to join Topher Simon Photography for this wedding earlier this year. Here are some of my favorites from their day, starting with their first look. Jenny & Sean-1__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-3__web.jpg Then it was time to get hitched! Jenny & Sean-5__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-6__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-7__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-8__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-9__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-10__web.jpg Sean surprised Jenny with a song he wrote for her and, YOU GUYS, it was so good! Los Altos Histroy Museum wedding Jenny & Sean-12__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-15__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-16__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-17__web.jpg They had a beautiful cocktail hour under the trees, I love this venue! Jenny & Sean-18__web.jpg Following their cocktail hour they did their first dance, which was choreographed and SO much fun to watch! Jenny & Sean-19__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-22__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-23__web.jpg Los Altos Histroy Museum wedding Los Altos Histroy Museum wedding Los Altos Histroy Museum wedding Jenny & Sean-28__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-30__web.jpg And then it was time for everyone to join in and get down! Jenny & Sean-32__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-33__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-34__web.jpg Jenny & Sean-35__web.jpgThank you to Topher for having me along for this fun wedding and to Jenny and Sean for allowing me to be a part of their big day!

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