Meet Baby Clint! | Documentary Family Photography


Today I have something you don't usually see around these parts. This is more of a personal post, actually, since I got to meet my cousin-by-friendship's baby, Clint!

Brittney, above, is the mamma. Below is Shellie, my mom's BFF. Brittney, her sister, my sister and I spent a LOT of time together when we were kids. And now she has one of her own! Shellie is just so happy being a "grammy," as she calls it. My sister and I went to Felton to visit and I just had to bring my camera with me.

Baby_Clinton-1__web.jpg Baby_Clinton-3__web.jpg Baby_Clinton-4__web.jpg Baby_Clinton-5__web.jpg

I was happy to take some pictures of bath time because I really want to get into documentary family photography in the future. I'm have a good feeling that a lot of people who enjoy the kind of wedding photography we do would appreciate this kind of day-in-the-life approach to families. Baby_Clinton-6__web.jpg Baby_Clinton-8__web.jpg It was so nice to meet you little one!

Our website is mostly catered to wedding couples, however if you are interested in documentary family photography I would love to hear from you! I'm definitely looking forward to more of this kind of work in the future!

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