Morgan Hill Wedding: Priti & Amir

Morgan Hill weddingToday I'm sharing Priti and Amir's Morgan Hill wedding at Willow Heights Mansion. Yesterday I shared their Hindu wedding ceremony, so check that out if you haven't already! Here are some of my favorites from their second wedding day.Priti & Amir_Day 2-2__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-4__web.jpgFlower girl game on point. Priti & Amir_Day 2-6__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-7__web.jpgCeremony take two! Morgan Hill wedding Priti & Amir_Day 2-12__web.jpg Morgan Hill wedding Priti & Amir_Day 2-15__web.jpgMazel tov! Priti & Amir_Day 2-16__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-19__web.jpg Morgan Hill weddingPriti & Amir_Day 2-23__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-22__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-25__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-26__web.jpg Priti & Amir_Day 2-27__web.jpgThanks again to Topher for having me along for this wonderful, two-day extravaganza! And thank you to Priti and Amir for allowing me to be a part of their wedding celebrations!