Muir Beach Wedding: Lily & Alex

Muir Beach weddingToday I'm excited to share some of my favorite images from Lily and Alex's Muir Beach wedding! These two were married at a private community center with an AMAZING view, which you'll see later. We started with them while they were getting ready... Lily & Alex_blog-1__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-3__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-7__web.jpgMeanwhile... Lily & Alex_blog-2__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-4__web.jpgThen it was time for their first look at Muir Beach overlook. Lily & Alex_blog-9__web.jpg Muir Beach wedding Muir Beach wedding Muir Beach wedding Lily & Alex_blog-16__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-17__web.jpgTime to get hitched! Here's the view, so beautiful! Lily & Alex_blog-19__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-22__web.jpgAlways laughing, these two :D Lily & Alex_blog-26__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-30__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-32__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-35__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-36__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-37__web.jpgAgain with the view, I'm telling you! Muir Beach wedding Lily & Alex_blog-40__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-43__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-42__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-45__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-47__web.jpg Lily & Alex_blog-48__web.jpgThank you to Lily and Alex for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! Your joy was contagious and it was so great to be able to make these images for you!

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