New Things

I was so excited when I received the email. Your order has shipped. Yes!! I eagerly checked its status. I saw a link to have the package held at a local FedEx pick up, which was perfect because I was already worried that I would not be home to receive the package (don't you hate that?!). I clicked the link and was asked to confirm that I understood that I wanted to cancel its delivery.

Panic set in. This is how irrational I was in that moment: I looked up at Stephen, "That doesn't mean they'll hold it over there right? It says it's in Missouri. It didn't let me pick a place, I don't want to cancel it completely..."

"No, why would they hold there?"

"Okay, yeah. That wouldn't make sense. Right? I mean, yeah. Of course, not."


I was so excited I opened the box in my car in the parking lot. Directly in front of the store and in plain view of the person who helped me, whose parting joke I failed to understand because I was to anxious to open. that. box. I replayed what he said in my head, got the joke, laughed, said thank you and booked it.

On my way there, I had told myself I would wait until I got to my destination to open the box. But by the time I was back in my car I had completely disregarded my plan to be a rational adult.


I am very excited, as you can probably tell, at the arrival of our first sample album! I spent a lot of time lurking on albums at WPPI with my girl Chelsea because I wanted to make sure that I made the right choice for an album company. I am so glad I did because I ended up going with a different company than I had planned, you really do have to see something like this in person to make a decision.


*You'll have to excuse the iPhone photos for now, I just wanted to share a sneak peak. More to come soon!

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