Oakland Museum Family Photography: Waloomis Family

Oakland Museum family photography

This Oakland Museum family photography session gives me so much joy! I cannot tell you enough how much I love to work with people over the years. To feel connected to them and to give them something to remember important parts of their lives for years to come. When I photographed Laura and Nick’s wedding in 2016 they stood out to me as two of the nicest people I have ever met. They radiate with a combination of joy and contentedness that instantly makes you feel more at ease. I was delighted to hear from them for their maternity session, and again for an at-home family session when Gretchen was just a few weeks old.

When I heard from them again for a family session I was just so damn grateful. To be seen as someone who they want to come back to, and as someone who will create something for them. Now, on to some of my favorite images! Gretchen was very active and these photos are just a small account of how much moved to create these pictures together.