Our Trip to Seattle!

Seattle-6__web.jpgI know, I know. The Space Needle is so cliche. But I smooshed myself up against the glove compartment and put my lens right up to the windshield to get this shot and I rather like how rainy and moody it is.

Stephen wanted to do something different for his birthday this year. He texted me one day when I was at work and asked if I would be down to go to Seattle. I was like: YOLO! Let's do this!

Seattle-2__web.jpg Seattle-1__web.jpg Seattle-4__web.jpgCheese in the making! Seattle-5__web.jpgMe lurking on strangers who are minding their own business. Seattle-8__web.jpg Seattle-10__web.jpg Seattle-9__web.jpgFrom the Ferris wheel. Seattle-12__web.jpg Seattle-13__web.jpgFrom the Space Needle. Seattle-20__web.jpg Seattle-15__web.jpg Seattle-16__web.jpg Seattle-17__web.jpgIn other news, I need a new jacket. My hood fur looks like a dead squirrel. Moral of the story: Don't put fake fur in the dryer. You're welcome. Seattle-19__web.jpg

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