Thoughts on Pinterest...

I sat down fully intending to write about keeping your shot list requests short, and soon thereafter it turned out to be all about Pinterest. So let’s do it. Photographers, hold your hats. Ladies, close your Pinterest tab for 5 mins. I'm going there.


The best thing to realize about Pinterest is that it’s a place for inspiration, not replication. Yes, it’s filled to the brim with beautiful and enviable ideas. But you probably aren’t going to turn your living room into a replica of that one living room you pinned even though I know how much you love that green sofa and that owl lamp and those gold shelves AND AND AND--

Yes, I’m sure it has a little something to do with the fact that you don’t have an unlimited budget, but it’s also because it wouldn’t be yours.

Your wedding photography shouldn’t be any different.

Just like when you pin a picture of an effortless yet perfectly accessorized living room, try to identify what you like. The sofa, lamp, and shelves may be the lighting, the expressions and the location. You may not be able to identify what you are attracted to right away, that’s totally okay. Try tucking it away and coming back to it, aka the reason why Pinterest exists.

Identifying those things is exactly what will help you understand and communicate what you want in your pictures. And I’m willing to bet that come five or ten years, you’ll be happier to remember how you got the vibe you wanted rather than how you got the Pinterest replica that you wanted. And should Pinterest go the way of MySpace...well, I don't even need to say it.

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