Relax. I tell myself this often, but it just doesn't happen. Sometimes I think you actually need to be removed from your regular surroundings to really be able to let go of all the worries and task lists constantly running through your mind. Going somewhere where my only cares are where will we be swimming today and what will we have for dinner? For dessert? It really helped me relax. I was so relaxed, in fact, that I only took 11 pictures. I know! Bad photographer!

On a vacation or trip I either take tons of pictures, or barely any at all. Sometimes I really want to take pictures to remember things by, and sometimes I think people get so caught up in taking pictures that they aren't really paying attention to what's going on around them, which makes me want to just leave my camera behind and take it all in.

Plus, when most of your days consist of swimming it's much easier to just grab a towel, some snacks and go rather than to weigh yourself down with a heavy camera that does not jive with water nor sand. Speaking of sand, here is my obligatory feet-in-the-sand-because-I'm-on-vacation shot. I know, it's be done--to death. But like I said, I only took 11 pictures.

Anyhow, I'm excited to be back to working towards this business. In the last two months I have second-shot (when you work as an additional photographer for another photographer's wedding) with two great photographers and learned a lot from them, so I'm really excited to shoot Angeliki and Peter's wedding next Saturday. Their reception is in the backyard of a historic building in Campbell and the girl's been working on some fun d.i.y. details. It's gonna be good!