Rockefellar Lodge San Pablo Wedding: Christina & Troy

Christina & Troy_wedding-17__web.jpgToday I'm excited to share some of my favorites from Christina and Troy's Rockefellar Lodge San Pablo wedding! We started with them while they were getting ready...

Christina & Troy_wedding-1__web.jpgChristina practiced her vows. Smiles and laughing = you nailed it. Christina & Troy_wedding-2__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-3__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-4__web.jpgChristina & Troy_extra-1Troy helped the flower girls get down the aisle :) Christina & Troy_wedding-7__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-8__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-9__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-10__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-11__web.jpgI don't remember what Troy was saying during the bottom right picture but I love everyone's expressions! Christina & Troy_wedding-13__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-15__web.jpgChristina's bouquet by Farmgirl Flowers was so beautiful! Christina & Troy_wedding-16__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-19__web.jpgChristina's grandfather sang a Croatian song for them to start off their reception. This guy can sing! Christina & Troy_wedding-22__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-21__web.jpgAnd there were a lot of toasts... Christina & Troy_wedding-23__web.jpgIncluding a sing-along to Grease's We Go Together, which was hilarious. Christina & Troy_wedding-26__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-27__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-28__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-30__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-32__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-33__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-34__web.jpgThe flower girl, still distributing flowers here and there :) Christina & Troy_wedding-35__web.jpgAnd there was lots and lots of dancing! Christina & Troy_wedding-36__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-37__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-38__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-39__web.jpg Christina & Troy_wedding-42__web.jpgThen everyone sent them off in this sweet ride! Christina & Troy_wedding-44__web.jpgChristina & Troy_wedding-43__web.jpgThank you again to Christina and Troy for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! We had so much fun with you and your family and friends capturing your big day!

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