San Francisco Wedding Photographer: New Sample Album!

Sample Album-1__web.jpgToday I'm sharing our new sample album! If you've taken a look around our website, you know that I stress the importance of getting your pictures off of your computer and into your home. These albums are a great way to do just that.

They are made by hand, have choices for leather and linen cover fabrics and and can include embossed text on the front cover. They also have a great option where you can have a picture framed within the cover fabric on the front (called a cameo), which you will see on our next sample album in the next month or two.

Sample Album-2__web.jpgThe albums lay flat, which is great because it provides flexibility to have pictures spread all the way across, which you'll see more of below. The pages of the albums are printed on either photographic paper (seen here) or a matte paper, which gives a fine art feel. Sample Album-3__web.jpgHere are a few different kinds of spreads to an idea of what I mean by "lay-flat" and to show you our simple and clean design style. We love the ability to use multiple images to give context and the ability to use on image to make a statement, and these books allow us to do both. Win-win. San Francisco wedding photographer Sample Album-5__web.jpg Sample Album-6__web.jpg San Francisco wedding photographer San Francisco wedding photographer Sample Album-9__web.jpgIf you would like to see one of these babies in person, get in touch and let's grab a cuppa! I always bring an album along to our consultations so that people can see why we believe in keeping their pictures from living the hard drive life.