Stephanie & Michael's Felton Wedding

Felton Wedding PhotographerI'm excited to share my favorite shots from a wedding I second shot with Susannah Gill in July. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and I was so excited to work with Susannah and her husband, Greg, who shot video. Stephanie & Michael's Felton wedding was so well thought-out. Stephanie's sister is a florist and she did an AH-mazing job with all the flower details from boutineers to hair accessories to the cake, not to mention the stunning bridal bouquet. Actually, a lot of the details were provided by friends and family, check out Susannah's blog post for all the goods.

One thing that was fun about being the second photographer was that I was able to take some risks, like the picture above. This kind of shot is not necessarily something a bride or groom would request. It's not straightforward and it's not from a list of 'must-have' shots. The combination of seeing the streamers blowing in the wind and not being responsible for any kind of direction allowed me to wander behind the couple and wait for the moment that the streamers blew away from their faces enough to make a picture. In fact, I'm not sure they even knew I was there.

Felton Wedding PhotographerThe ceremony took place in a Redwood tree grove at the Felton Guild. Warm day, cool shade--absolutely beautiful.Felton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerSusannah set them up for some beautiful portraits in the garden area and I lurked behind the fountain to nab this shot. The bouquet, I'm telling you!Felton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerFelton Wedding PhotographerOkay, I know I've gone on and on about the flowers, but seriously. This was one of my favorite cakes ever. I enjoyed eating just as much as I enjoyed looking at it. That's winning. Can I have another piece, pleeeeease?Felton Wedding PhotographerAnd here she is rocking it. Thank you so much to Susannah and Greg for having me along on this wedding, it was so great working with you! To get an all-around feel for the wedding make sure to check out Susannah's post.Felton Wedding Photographer

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