Taking Care of Your Digital Pictures

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Download them!

Your online gallery is a great place to view your images, share with family and friends and order prints, however, don’t forget to download your digital images while your gallery is active. You may prefer to download your pictures from your usb drive, or else just think of it as a backup. Just remember, we can’t expect them to last forever (cough, floppy disks, cough). Which brings us to...

Back it up!

You will definitely want duplicate storage for your images. Two copies is great, three is better. Technology fails, by having your pictures on multiple devices you’ll significantly reduce the odds of all-out losing your images.

Two copies on the same computer won’t protect you from loss if your computer fails. But if you had one copy on your computer and one on your external hard drive you would be able to simply copy that folder back to your computer once it was restored. Easy!

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It’s about more than having digital files…

Yes, we know you want the digital images. But when it comes down to it, a picture is much more valuable in its physical form. Prints and albums are things you will see and enjoy every day-- and you’ll be able to pass them down to your kids.

Let’s hand down pictures, not hard drives.

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