The Easiest Family Session Ever

San Francisco family photographer

Every year it feels like the holidays are so far away and then all of a sudden you’re wearing your warmest sweater and eating all things pumpkin. One minute you’re gearing up for back to school, then next you’re trying to figure out which iPhone photo is “good enough” for your holiday cards.

You can always wait for a better time, to be less busy or whatever arbitrary “I’ll do it when _____.” Meanwhile, your kids are growing like crazy and you’re not in any pictures WITH them. Mini sessions are perfect for families who are looking for stress-free, casual family pictures.


They are the easiest family session you can do

You don’t need to pick a location out of thin air or do any back and forth to plan your session. All you need to do is sign up for a time at one of our favorite locations and show up. Which, let’s face it, is enough work with a family!


We're opening booking to the public on Tuesday, September 5

Priority booking goes to our email list over this long weekend, however, you can still join the list here to get first dibs.

Why are we booking so early?

As a wedding photographer, my weekend availability is limited through the end of the year. Mini family sessions are a way for me to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be photographed before the holidays--which is the most in demand time for family photography.

As a bonus for signing up early, I’m gifting 25 holiday cards designed by graphic designer Do-Hee Kim!

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