Figuring It Out

Have you ever wanted to do something that you knew you could achieve but you had no idea where to start? Like say, planning a wedding? You sit down at your computer to find a venue, take a peek at a preferred vendor list and end up drooling over caterer’s menus and comparing DJs and thinking about flower arrangements--and then you realize it’s been an hour and you’ve completely lost track of yourself. So you try again. Okay, I’m going to look for a venue. Next thing you know you are stress-eating chocolate-covered pretzels and watching videos of super-cute animals.

No? Just me? Yeah, okay, sure.

I think the problem is forcing yourself to work on something that’s just too damn big. I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out all things marketing and it has felt just like that: hitting my head. Over and over.

Feeling dizzy, I remembered something Marie Forleo loves to say: “Everything is figureoutable.” Not only do I enjoy the use of a word that is not technically a word but is still useful, I find comfort in the fact that someone was stuck enough to make up a word to help themselves and others out of their stuckness. (<< see)

Everything is figureoutable Marie Forleo

I know countless other people have figured it out, and I know I can figure it out, too; a feeling that’s both comforting and frustrating because I want to be on the other side of understanding. I figure many brides-to-be have this exact same feeling about wedding planning. You want everything to be perfect, but that makes it really hard to find one place to start.

But, you kind of have to. Try breaking things up into reasonable chunks, and then trying really hard to stick to the task at hand. It will be tempting to wander from one task to the other, but kindly guide yourself back in the direction you intended.

For all you list-makers out there: before you open that web browser and get distracted by Facebook, make a list of the specific actions you need to take and keep it next to you while you work. Then enjoy whatever flavor of checking-off you enjoy. I prefer a dignified check, but sometimes a nice strikeout really feels good.

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Like I said, I am in the process of figuring out marketing and I want you to know that any referrals you send our way, whether to the blog or to our work, are greatly appreciated. Have a great week and remember to take it easy on yourself.

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