Why Candids Are Awesome | San Francisco Documentary Wedding Photographer

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things: candids. In our line of work I think there are two types of candid pictures: candid and candid-ish. Is that convoluted enough for you? Cool. Let me explain. So, what the hell is a candid anyways? The definition of candid in relation to photography is ‘relating to or being photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed.’ I would also like to note a definition I found of the word itself, ‘marked by honest sincere expression,’ because I dig it.


In the case of an engagement session, since we all know we are hanging out at some great location for the sole purpose of taking pictures of you looking all super attractive and whatnot, and it’s hard to call this a candid situation.

But, in between the moments where people don’t know what to do and the moments where they decide being a model is pretty damn easy, they act like themselves. And we are ready for it. Because we want your real smile, not your camera smile. This, my friends, is candid-ish. You’ll excuse me if I don’t add this the engagements page or the FAQ. The term ‘candid-ish’ bears some explanation and doesn’t sound very confident. I’ll just let it hang out here on the blog with you lovely folks.


On your wedding day, however, we are only going to direct you during a couple designated times set aside for portraits (we will make these arrangements at your pre-wedding meeting). That means about 90% of the day we will be lurking about catching things as they happen. And we love that because the candid pictures are the ones that will remind you of what the day was like--because they actually show what the day was like.



The funny things that happened, the moment you got all mushy with your best friend right before the ceremony and things you didn’t even get to see or won’t remember. These are the laugh-makers and tear-jerkers you want to be able to go back to.

The time you had who knows how many people around you fixing this and that or the time your now-husband serenaded (embarrassed) you before the garter toss. Or when Elvis was officiating your ceremony and keep making you crack up in laughter.

Or perhaps a dance-off...Everyone loves dance-offs!

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