Why Do An Engagement Session? | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

As we've discussed before the best way to decide if you want to work with a certain photographer is to break the ice in person. An engagement session kicks it up a couple notches by giving you an opportunity to warm up in front of the camera as well. Let's dig in to some advantages today, shall we?

It Gets Better

Yes, I stole borrowed that slogan. Point being, having your picture taken by a fancy ass camera may feel weird at first, but know that you will relax into it more and more as the session goes on. If you are worried that you won’t know what to do with your hands, that means you are completely normal. Remember, most photographers don't work with models so they are used to giving guidance to folks who otherwise might not know what to do. If you are in the middle of the shoot and you don’t know what to do, just ask silly! But really, you should feel comfortable enough with your photographer to ask.

Real Talk

I’m going to let you in on something real quick. As a photographer and someone who knows photographers, learning how to pose real people and make them look comfortable and not cheesy is one of the hardest things about people photography. And since you end up working with all kinds of people you always have something more to learn or consider. So if you ever feel uncomfortable or unguided, just let the photographer know and hopefully they will do their best with what they know to help you feel more comfortable.

It’s best for both parties if you let them know what’s up, so don’t feel needy or like a jerk. Okay? Good.

Hey Everybody, Come See How Good I Look!

The other big advantage is when you get your pretty, little hands on those pictures it will give you a confidence boost that yes(!), you can look good in front of the camera. Even if a photographer has a great portfolio filled with flattering pictures of an endless number of couples, there’s still that doubt in the back of your mind wondering whether you can look as good. Seeing yourself in the pictures will hopefully quiet those fears and allow you to be more relaxed on your wedding day, huge plus!

Make Your Mother (or future Mother-in-law) Happy

The last advantage I would like to point out is that you now have a selection of nice pictures for your announcements, save-the-dates, table settings, book signing table, wedding website-- I’m starting to feel like a door-to-door salesWOman. The point is that you will actually have choices when you run into these things instead of having to choose that one decent picture the two of you can agree on that you know your future mother-in-law is going to rag on you for because it’s from a baseball game and he’s wearing sunglasses. You know the one.

I hope this post was as helpful as it is long and wordy. If it was helpful, please share it with someone who might also make use of it.

As with most things, I think you should do whatever the hell you want (within reason). So if you're looking at these so-called benefits and an engagement session still sounds like as much fun as having a cavity filled, skip it.