7 Benefits of Working With a Wedding Planner

(skim this if nothing else)

1. They help you plan the entire day and correspond with everyone who will be working at your wedding, while everyone else will be focused on how to do their own job.

2. They help you figure out how to allocate your budget so you can keep things in line with your vision without going overboard.

3. They can help you narrow down your search for vendors, saving you hours of time searching online and finding endless options.

4. They know what’s new and fresh in the events world so you won’t just be repeating trends. They can also help translate your personal style into your decor and details.

5. They can help you coordinate other events like a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch. Need to block hotel rooms? They can do that too!

6. They take countless responsibilities off your plate. Too many to list here.

7. If something happens on your wedding, you’ll probably never know about it. Unless it's major (which is rare), they handle everything professionally and quietly so that everything feels seamless for you and your guests.



There is so much to consider from who you should hire, to what your wedding will look like, to how the day is going to play out for you and your guests. When you work with a planner you will feel like you’re always being pointed in the right direction.

They give you referrals for vendors who share your values, vibes and style. They help you with everything from colors and invitations to the physical layout of the ceremony and reception, keeping both form and function in mind. And planners are THE BEST at creating timelines, which all of your vendors use to prepare and perform their best on your wedding day. Which means they make sure you have enough time set aside for your photographer to make all the pictures you have in mind (yes!), that the caterers are ready to serve dinner at the right time and that all the decorations are in place when your guests arrive.

Venue coordinators are great at making sure their staff is on task throughout the day and that the facilities are cared for. However, do not confuse them with an independent planner, who will help with the planning process and correspondence with other vendors leading up to the wedding.



Speaking of corresponding with other vendors. What does this mean for you? It means all the last minute questions go to someone else’s email inbox--this alone can be worth the investment!

In addition to all the things they take care of ahead of time, your planner is there to handle anything that happens on your wedding day.

True story: I pulled a bride’s dress out of the closet to take a picture of it--as I have done many times before--and the bra inside the dress fell off. Instead of being truly sewn into the dress, the bra was attached using tiny snap buttons which were poorly attached and had been gradually unraveling until I picked it up and, well--you know. Instead of having to tell a bride on her wedding day that her dress just fell apart, I was able to whisper what happened to the wedding planner.

She grabbed her sewing kit and reattached the bra to the dress while I kept shooting. Then we hung the dress up near the window and I photographed it--all without anyone knowing what happened. I have seen many little snafus like this handled without the couple ever having to find out and get worried. And this is why they are so worth it to your enjoyment of the day!

So you're into it, now what?

Here are some of my favorite wedding planners, all of whom I highly recommend. Check out their websites and social media and see who matches your vibe. Don't be shy in reaching out to them to learn more and get a better idea of what working with them would be like. It's all about finding the right match.

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