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What do we wear?!

My tips for choosing the perfect outfit and how to look good together with out being matchy-matchy.

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7 tips to prep for your session

1. BE ON TIME: We schedule engagement sessions based on where the sun will be and when it will set. Get the most out of your session by arriving with plenty of time to park. The sun won't wait.

2. WEAR YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT: Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. To keep you comfortable in front of the camera we'll be moving around a bit, so definitely wear something that moves well and feels good.

3. THINK ABOUT THE LOCATION: You're not going to want to wear a sundress on the average San Francisco day. If you want to wear something meant for warmer weather, layers are the way to go.

4. BRING A JACKET: Or at least a warm sweater. Most shoots happen in the evening when things cool off and the wind picks up on the coast. This is Northern California 101.

5. BRING A SECOND OUTFIT: If you're having a hard time narrowing things down, bring options. Two outfits gives your session more visual variety.

6. ACCESSORIZE: Jewelry and scarves are a great way to bring more personality and color into your outfit. As with clothes, feel free to bring options and we can narrow them down together.

7. WATER & SNACKS: If we're going to more than one location, it's a good idea to bring a bottle of water and a snack for the car. Hungry people are impatient and generally not the happiest.