How To Use Your Online Gallery

Here's a handy little guide to make sure you're using your online gallery to its fullest.

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Download Your Images

You have permissions associated with your email address to download the entire gallery up to 3 times. Why? Because you should back up your pictures. Two places is great, but three places is even better. That way, should you lose a computer or hard drive, you can restore your images. I don't plan on retiring my online backups any time soon, but you do want to think of things in the long term, like your marriage! 

To download the full gallery of high-resolution images, use download icon (downward-facing arrow) on the right side of the main menu. Enter your email address and download pin. Then, select all the sections/folders of images and the download size "original." You will receive a .zip of all the images shortly thereafter.

Download individual, web-sized images by clicking the download icon on a single image in the grid or individual/expanded view. Any guest can use this one-click method to download individual images.

To share your gallery, simply send along the gallery link or forward on your email invite. Guests will use their emails to sign in.

Favorite lists

Use the heart icon on the right side of the menu or on any individual picture to create a list of your favorite images. You can use this feature to create a group of pictures to share (via email) or to make it easier to locate your favorites when you are narrowing down what you would like to print or to send to family or friends. To view your list, click the icon in the menu.

Order prints

Use the shopping cart icon in the menu or on any individual image to view options for ordering prints through our professional lab partner. Select images, print sizes and your shipping preferences all within your lab. Any visitors to your gallery will also be able to purchase prints.

Social Media

For your enjoyment, we do not watermark our images. When sharing to social media, please tag our business and/or include in your caption something along the lines of, "Photo by 43rd Ave. Photography." A lot of our work comes from happy customers sharing their pictures so we definitely appreciate it!

Instagram: @nicolemorrisonphoto

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